Turkeys Don't Need Resumes, But You Definitely Do

Because you aren't a turkey, you need a solid resume. To build one, you need an understanding of who's reviewing it and how they think.

Turkeys Don't Need Resumes, But You Definitely Do
A wild turkey was walking down my driveway the other day. Unlike engineers, turkeys don't need good resumes.

Turkeys are weird creatures. How can such cute little baby turkeys (turchicks?) turn into terrifying animals with complex hierarchies and orders, strange habits, and violent behaviors? Hey, at least they don't have to work. Thankfully you aren't a turkey, but unfortunately, this also means you need a decent resume.

I've seen a boatload of them, both 🦃 turkeys and 📄 resumes. I'd rather see turkeys any day of the week, but my jobs in the past have had me review countless resumes. I've seen the worst, the best, and resumes everywhere in between. All the resumes I've reviewed have this in common: a person with some amount of experience is trying to convince me to hire them.

The stakes are high when you submit a resume. You've worked all this time to build skills and experience, and now you need to communicate this to a recruiter, hiring manager, and interviewers. I've interfaced with recruiters and have been the interviewer and hiring manager for numerous roles.

What are these people looking for?

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